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Residential Cleaning

We clean complete homes weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Please contact us for a bespoke consultation on your cleaning needs. Alternatively use our quick quote for a price for us
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Deep Cleaning post thumbnail

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes a home requires a deep cleaning, whether it is being sold, bought, dressed for sale, or after a renovation or new build. We have many clients both residential
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Apartments & Common Areas post thumbnail

Apartments & Common Areas

We work with letting agencies and landlords to ensure their leased space is cleaned on a regular basis. Common areas, shared services such as laundry, kitchens, and bathroom facilities
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We clean offices weekly to ensure a safe, clean workspace. Our technicians can clean after hours or weekends on a regular basis so that the day to day running
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Commercial Showroom Log Cabins post thumbnail

Commercial Showroom Log Cabins

This location services the country’s leading supplier of log cabins and has high traffic that requires weekly deep cleaning to include the windows as well. Special care is taken
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Commercial Homes post thumbnail

Commercial Homes

This client is a builder of eco-homes and NZEB to Passive Home levels of energy efficiency. We clean their show houses on a regular basis as well as new
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